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Grant Servo-Electric Multi-process Orbital Riveters are of the highest quality without exception. Each riveter will fasten to a depth of +\- .00025" repeatability and fasten to a forming pressure within a few pounds. Our Servo Riveter is fully electric without the need of air or hydraulics. Just a few cables to your riveter and this system is ready to go. Our standard closed-loop servo controller will allow you to start-up your Servo Multi-process Orbital Riveting Machine from an initial cold start-up, develop your stroke profile program and 100% debug within two hours. Yes, it is that good and we guarantee it too! The Grant Servo Riveter carries the industries best warranty plan, giving you an unprecedented 3 years of protection. Our experience is that you will not have to touch a thing on your machine for five years. We even think this is quite impressive.

SGS-016 Bench Riveter with Multi-process Orbital Tooling
Servo Orbital Riveter Product Overview
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We package every SGS- Riveter with bearings that are lubricated for life and an unbelievable three year warranty.  When you buy a Grant Multi-process Riveter you are buying the highest quality riveter in the industry. Our riveters can fasten to a depth or to a back pressure with the highest precision and fastest cycle time in the industry. Each machine is packaged complete with forming tools, touch screen, fully programmable stroke adjustment, 0mm - 63.5mm spindle stroke, unlimited speed control of spindle advance, re-settable cycle counter, programmable dwell timer, spindle travel with current draw high low set points and distance high low set points. You can output your data through RS-232 port, monitor each cycle and store up to the last ten cycles on the operator interface. Each unit is equipped with over travel limits for safety. This riveter doesn't make any mistakes. Even the servo motor is self tuning making motor replacement in the future a snap.

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Four SGS-012 servo-electric riveters built into a semi-automatic high speed rotary system with Real-Time Inspection and automatic eject. These riveter's form to +/- .00025" repeatability and fasten to a forming pressure within a few pounds. The formed part is inspected by the riveter in station while the part is being formed. This model riveter will inspect your product a 100%.
Servo Orbital Riveter Product Overview

Grant power head and bench designed Servo-electric Multi-process Orbital Riveters are available in six different standard capacities. Rated for 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 22mm, 26mm and 38mm diameter in solid mild steel rivets.

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