Research & Development

We offer specialized Research & Development to those of our customers who require extended evaluations of specific assembly methods.

If you are contemplating the design of a specialized product, but do not have the facilities, time and manpower in-house to carry out the necessary product research and development, Grant Riveters has total in-house capabilities and the years of experience to complete the job to your specifications. 

We would be happy to evaluate any of your assembly projects. Please call our Engineering Department for additional information.

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New and Rebuilt Equipment Services

The Grant Organization has produced over two hundred thousand machine's since approximately 1890. We specialize in the design of multi-process rivet setting, press, work cell, rotary, power and free, chamfering, threading, drilling and hollow mill machinery.

We support all our customers with complete Machinery Rebuilding Services of any machine ever built by the Grant Organization. The Grant Team includes two locations of business and over seventy highly trained people in our work force with extensive experience. 

Our main goal is to make your purchase the best possible experience either with the sale of new equipment or by rebuilding your old equipment that has served you for many, many years. 

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System Integration Services

Grant Riveters unique assembly machines and tools provide a wide range of metal forming processes all driven by a single time tested power module. 

Utilizing rotary motion and controlled variable pressure, Orbital tooling can set solid or tubular rivets, pins or stake posts, and produce flat, beveled, round, conical or other shaped heads. A simple change over to Twin Spin, Spin-press, or Multi-Spin tools and the same machine can roll metal over, curl rims, crimp, swage or shape metal to provide many types of assemblies.

Combined with our Machine Tool expertise we offer complete System Integration Service. Our engineering department will develop the most cost effective and productive system along with you to meet your specific needs.

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Contract Assembly Services

Grant Riveters provides a full compliment of in-house Metal Forming and/or Fastening Sub-Assembly Services to those customers with only limited production runs and where the investment in rivet setting machinery , tooling and manpower is not justifiable.
Grant  Riveters for over a hundred years has performed specialty Sub-Assembly Services for our customers in both a timely and highly cost effective manner. Typically most Sub-Assembly Services can be purchased and delivered within one week from order. 
Quotations for Sub-Assembly Services can be obtained by calling our toll free number at 800-227-2150 or by sending product samples with a brief description of your assembly requirements to: 
Product Samples 
c/o Orbital Riveters        
90 Silliman Avenue                             
Bridgeport CT 06605 
Machine Tools and Refurbishing Services

Grant Riveters maintains a complete inventory of replacement parts and spare tooling for all standard assembly machines. In addition, our staff of highly skilled machinists can frequently manufacture spare parts for specialty tooling and assembly machines at a moments' notice. Call us today for a price quote for your machine tool needs. We stock over one thousand different Twin Spin Roller pairs and over thirty-five different Orbital Tool Holder designs and hundreds of different Orbital Shaped Inserts for your specific needs. 

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