Grant Orbital Riveters

Grant Pneumatic Multi-process Orbital Riveters come standard with a two year warranty, multi-process tooling, easy locating anvil base and anvil. All machines are shipped complete. Grant Servo-Electric Orbital Riveters - Three year warranty, greased for life, plug it in and walk away. All units are closed-loop and operate only on electricity. Grant Multi-process Servo Riveters are the most accurate and intelligent riveter in the world. Its accuracy is +\- .00025" in depth with precise pressure feed back.

Grant Multi-process Orbital Riveters are capable of Orbital, Twin Spin, Multi-Spin and Spin Press forming technologies. When you buy a Grant Multi-process Orbital Riveter you are buying the highest quality riveter in the industry. Our riveters can fasten to a depth or to a back pressure with the fastest cycle time in the industry. 

Each machine is packaged complete with forming tool, easy locating anvil base, cupped anvil, dual palm buttons or electric foot switch, precision micrometer adjustment, 0mm - 45mm adjustable stroke, two speed adjustable spindle advance, re-settable cycle counter, dwell timer, spindle travel to hard stop with limit switch for accurate depth repeatability, All machine components that are commercial and purchased by us are available locally to you. Our machine surfaces have been hand scrapped for precision, automotive quality electrical controls, Festo pneumatics, Siemens Electrics, SKF bearings and much, much more. Our machines are packed with tons of features at the lowest resale price in the world. 

Special Note:

We have many attachments and options available. Ask about our Real-Time Inspection System for all your SPC requirements. The Grant Team will assist you in finding the right riveting system that is best suited to your riveting requirements.       

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